Faking It

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You may have read about the lawyer at one big firm who, while he was at a prior big firm, submitted $120,000 worth of fake expense reports. In his defense, the lawyer says that he did not personally benefit from the expenses, but that he fabricated the reports to get around the firm’s cumbersome reimbursement process. No comment.

Whether it’s $120,0000 or $120, or whether it’s billed to a client or billed to a law firm, the submission of false expenses is unethical and unlawful. Law firms would likely have no choice but to terminate the submitter and report the matter to the appropriate disciplinary authorities.

An article about this particular lawyer’s fake expense reports is attached. And since we’re on the topic of faking things, a clip from a certain Billy Crystal restaurant movie scene seems oddly appropriate. You might just take note of a small casting change.