Safety Dance

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How do you get the attention of busy people, to remind of what they think they know already?  One way, which we heartily endorse, is to make those reminders entertaining.

This blog grew out of something we’ve been doing at our firm for years.  Each Friday morning, we send around our own internal “Risk Tip” to our lawyers and staff.  Like the posts on this blog, we try (and may not always succeed) to be short, punchy, and entertaining.  Of course, it’s not the only “risk management” we do at our firm.  We have internal training, CLEs, policy reminders; policies, procedures, and structures; and, most importantly, careful and attentive people.  Our internal Risk Tips are just one way we try to keep these topics fresh on the minds of all our colleagues as they go about their busy practices.  Together, we hope that all of these steps help reinforce and strengthen the risk management culture of our firm, and make us all better able to serve clients.

While we don’t often use commercials on the Risk Tip, we applaud the fresh approach to a familiar risk issue offered below by Virgin America.  As you enjoy the music and dance, ask yourself:  What do you do to keep risks fresh of mind in your workplace?