What Do Loose Lips Sink?

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Lawyers keep secrets for a living.  That means avoiding disclosure of confidential information in elevators, airplanes, hotels, courthouse hallways, and even in our own offices when visitors are present.  It also means holding your liquor.  It’s basic stuff. 

Protecting a law firm’s electronic data and systems is a more complicated — and more expensive — undertaking.  Did you know that law firms identify and analyze hundreds of thousands of security-related “hack” events each day?  Did you know that more than half of all attacks may be linked to organized crime?  Did you know that intellectual property is valuable?  (Okay, you knew that one.)  As you would expect, a law firm’s information security team has to be constantly vigilant. 

You can help out the security gurus.  Here are two easy things you can do that can make a big difference:

 1.  Don’t click on things you don’t know.  Don’t click on unknown links in strange emails.  Don’t accept “friend” requests from people you don’t know.  Don’t assume that email purportedly from your credit card company, which doesn’t have your work email address, is genuine. 

 2.  Upgrade your passwords.  You may have seen Rupert Murdoch testify as part of the UK hacking scandal, so you changed the default voicemail on your mobile phone, right?  But, have you also changed your password to something more complicated than “Passw0rd12” when your last password was “Passw0rd11”?  The on-line comic strip XKCD has an interesting take on this: