Att. to Time Entrys

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My eighth-grader just showed me his homework.  His assignment is to write a paper describing what he did over Spring break.  Here is what he wrote:

Day 1 – Baseball.  TV. Spoke with people. More TV.
Day 2 – Baseball.  Textd friends.  Textd Sam.  Dinner.
Day 3 – Baeball. Did stuff.
Day 4 – Baseball.  More stuff.  Also did PLSTN.
Day 5 – Ball and Watched TV
Day 6 – Baseball, rd book a little
Day 7 – Dd more of stuff I did on Day 4. Oh, and baseball too.

He thinks his teacher will be very impressed.  I’m not so sure.

See where I’m going with this?  Time entries should include narratives that convey to the client the value that you are contributing each day.  Descriptions should explain the services provided, how the assignment relates to the engagement, and why the time of a professional at your level was needed.

Proofread for accuracy, punctuation, and spelling.  Each time entry should be treated with the care appropriate to any other important communication with a client.

Back to my son.  Not surprisingly, his paper was not well received and he was made to stay after school and complete another task.  A good lesson for us all.

Bart Simpson