Weathering Storms

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I’m not exactly enjoying the weather so far in 2018.  Here in the Northeast, as elsewhere, it’s been pretty darn cold.  The 10 inches of bomb cyclone snow we got a few weeks ago didn’t help.  And to top it all off, the weather reports have been pretty boring. 

Back in the 80’s (the decade, not the temperature), Lloyd Lindsay Young on WWOR (Channel 9) out of Secaucus, New Jersey was my favorite weatherman.  Every broadcast, Lloyd would give a shout-out — literally — to a different town in the tri-state area. 

Then one day, as with many local TV newscasters, Lloyd was gone.  My google search revealed that LLY moved to the Sacramento area; in other words, he traded in “Helloooo White Plains!” for “Helloooo Yolo!”

Unlike weathermen, lawyers can’t simply pick up and move to another state to ply their trade.  An increasing number of lawyers are being disciplined for engaging in the practice of law without being licensed in the jurisdiction in which they practice.  Many states have set up special committees tasked with monitoring lawyers and law firms to ensure that lawyers who practice in their states are not improperly holding themselves out (explicitly or implicitly) as being admitted to practice.  Some even troll law firm websites looking for violators.

In this global economy, where lawyers are regularly called upon to represent clients all over the country (or world), it’s sometimes easy to overlook these rules.  Don’t.  And even if your law firm or company has offices throughout the country, that doesn’t mean that you can simply decide to transfer offices to escape the cold weather.   

And lest you think that you can escape the harsh climates by transferring to, say, Phoenix, be careful what you wish for.  On balance, I think I’d rather stay in New York.