Win Some, Lose Some

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It’s been a roller coaster week for Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. The US PTO disallowed the Washington Redskins trademark as offensive, threatening millions of dollars the team makes from merchandise and sponsorships.

On the upside, an appellate court upheld a $17 million legal malpractice judgment in favor of Red Zone LLC, another one of Snyder’s companies, against a New York law firm. While the court found that the firm was negligent in drafting an agreement, what interested me most was that the malpractice had occurred outside of the statute of limitations. Because the firm continued to advise Red Zone, however, the court concluded that “the continuous representation doctrine applies to toll the statute of limitations on plaintiff’s legal malpractice claim.”

Avoiding a malpractice claim is certainly one reason to formally disengage once a matter is concluded. As we enumerated in an other recent Risk Tip, there are numerous other reasons to consciously uncouple.

As to Red Zone, I have no idea what it does, but it sure sounds cool on the guitar.